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September 21, 2005




what kinda manga\hentai novel are u looking for? i got plenty original works to offer!

just....... donno who to offer it to! ^^;

so, are u looking for a whole new story? or do you already have one and just need to update it to include more sex n comedy stuff in it?!

anyway, lemme know what u have in mind, i can send u some of my works to take a look at! and see where to go from there :)

-the story teller-

Craig P

Hi, just to be clear, we weren't looking for hentai or manga comics, we're looking for people to *review* anime (hentai, the adult anime, especially). People who can write well and know about hentai and anime, and can review DVDs. So if anyone thinks they fit that bill, let me know.


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