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March 02, 2007



Yea, I wasn't surprised to see Ann Colter calling people "faggots" on television - I wouldn't be shocked if she called a well-known democrat a baby-fucker. She'll stoup to any low for her 15 seconds of fame.

But when people started clapping - I was speechless.

Can you image someone at a democratic conference calling... I don't know, Bush a "faggot" - people in the audience would just stare in shock.

But, no, republicans eat it up. Sick.

Craig P

Sick indeed. If anything good comes out of this is that we really see who all the players in this really are. We already knew who Coulter really was but now she and anyone in the GOP who sickly welcomed and enjoyed her comments have been outed as sick.

And then you read Elizabeth Edwards' comments and see who she really is and it will make you feel better about everything.

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