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April 27, 2007



I will be riding Venice Blvd from downtown just past the 10...thanks for the preview. I, too, am from San Francisco. I'm feeling ya! Good description of how SoCal people view bikes!


I was a venice beach bike rider for a long time, its a funny scene down there, if you ride at night you can watch all the tweakers working on their bikes and acting all cloak and dagger gangster, its funny.. there is a lot of funny stuff that goes on after dark in venice if you ride a bike down the boardwalk start at muscle beach around 12:01 am and go north until malibu, youll see what i mean. but be careful and dont slow down for any-thing lol


Shouldn't that be the *sound* of the waves rolling...? Maybe I'm just too "died in the fog" to get the LA reference. ;)

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