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June 06, 2008



Thanks for the write-up of this movie Underdog. I plan on taking my 3 year old to go see this sometime in the near future. You make a good film critic. Would love to hear your recommendations for good foriegn/asia movies.
vr, Xeifrank

Craig Phillips

Thanks, Xei! Anytime you want some recommendations let me know. I'm not hip to every great Asian film, but have seen quite a few in recent years. Let me know what kinds you're interested in, or have liked in the past.

But yes, take your kid to Panda - there will be some jokes over their head that you'll enjoy but plenty more children of all ages will appreciate.



I gotta say my favorite voice acting in the film was by James Hong, my favorite Seinfeld guest star ever ("Cartwright?") doing Po's "father"....

The character design for the Mantis Master reminded me a LOT of the circus magician from "A Bug's Life" but I guess there aren't that many ways you can make a cartoon out of a praying mantis...

Lauryn Purtee

I have to admit that I was really laughing hard in some parts of the movie. But I agree that it's a good one. It was nice to see how Po developed into the Chosen One throughout the stretch of the movie.

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