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September 11, 2008



I'm Laura, I work for Associated Content. I felt compelled to respond to your post personally. I'm disappointed that you seem to have dismissed AC without really giving writing for us a chance. Associated Content provides an outlet for thousands of writers and other aspiring creative types who do not have the desire or ability to create and maintain an individual website or blog. For those people, AC provides a platform that offers better traffic, promotional opportunities, distribution opportunities and search rankings that a personal blog or website simply cannot provide. We also have many successful, "real" (freelance and professional) writers who have had great success publishing on AC.
Up front payment options are not the only way we compensate our Content Producers for their work, and I think that a writer with your talent and dedication could do well with AC if you'd sign up and see for yourself how the system works and how our community operates. Let me know if you want to discuss this a little more or have any questions.

Craig P

Hi Laura,
I appreciate the feedback and the response. I knew someone from AC would take offense, I really don't mean to lump everyone there into the 'crap' category. But I've a) had friends who tried writing for the site and got, shall we say, disappointed by the process and the results and the compensation, and b) we do see a lot of poorly written, poorly edited pieces on the site, including a few I found borderline psychotic. (Which is not to say there are not also a lot of fine pieces and fine writers mixed in, too.) But what I think is the problem may be one of perception. What you say here is a bit different than the impression I was given about the site. I did not see it as a site for bloggers who don't have time to blog. I had higher expectations for it than that, as a place where professional writers go to sell their wares, attempting to write pieces of quality. If that's not what it is, than perhaps I am being unfair. I thought it was an online content site, with editors and with standards. If it's not meant to be that, then this makes more sense to me and I should not judge it as harshly.


Well, you know - you go for quality. Most people just go for easy money...


You are completely right about this. I regret my decision to write a few articles for them. It was a waste of time - 3 articles gave me $15. I could have made that in an hour but instead I wrote for 3 hours.


I believe many sincere people like Laura who work for AC are not aware of some of their highly questionable practices. There are groups of people now joining discussions on Yahoo and elsewhere and are complaining about AC cheating them. There are too many of them to dismiss it as just being a few disgruntled people. AC hypes the exposure they can offer so that the pay sounds like it will reach good levels but for most people who write for them the pay is next to nothing for articles being turned over to them permanently. If you doubt that permanent ownership is part of the deal they offer, read their agreement. If they cancel you, which is what people in discussions groups are complaining about or if they decide to roll back some of your earnings, they can also use their agreement to justify this. They get to keep everything you posted on their site even if you didn't deserve being booted off or deserve having your pay withheld. I'm sorry Laura, no disrespect intended but I DO NOT believe AC is what it appears to be.


Wow, nice to know I 'write crap.

I've been writing for AC for just over a year. I write around 2-3 articles a day, which takes me about an hour and a half - and, yes, I write fast and I type fast. Just because it's fast, doesn't mean it's crap. The best writers I know can write an article in under an hour. For that, I earn between $7 and $9.90 an article and page views. My page views now are over $100 a month. So, in just the hour and a half I spend on my lunch break at work writing articles, I'm currently making over $500 a month. That's a lot more than I could make on a blog and, because I get to write what I want, there's very little if any research involved either (which would not be true if I was to spend the time writing articles for magazines and then MAYBE get published).

Several AC Content Producers are also making several thousand dollars a month - and with the current US economy, that's a major amount of money for them.

So, no complaints here on payment. I love AC and it only has potential to get bigger.


Fable, I'm both pleased to hear your stuff isn't "crap" and that you're making some money off the gig. Sincerely. If you took me literally to mean that every single one of the million things posted on AC are of poor quality then you misunderstood me. However, I stand by what I wrote. A huge number of pieces on AC are at the very least poorly edited. Literally no one either fact checks or edits the pieces on there. There are, as I said above, plenty of good writers trying to get their stuff up there and some of them have. But as the comments above yours note, I'm not the only one who found the whole experience poor.

If you're having a good experience and are proud of what you've written, than kudos to you. But I stand by the gist of my piece.

ac producer

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ac producer

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The Examiner.com is making a run at AC and I must say, they're doing it cheaper than it looks like AC is. I get about a penny per click, I write honest articles with original quotes, I interview and I research - the result is that its not about UFOs and therefore gets little traffic. I'm leery of this model and I'm leery of how little attention can be paid to editorial quality under this kind of system. I agreed to work for nothing so I could get a portfolio together, but if the brand gets caught up with its thousands of crap writers, it defeats the purpose.


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