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May 23, 2009



I very much enjoyed the movie. I had no idea what the marketing was or what the movie was, but my friend wanted to see it so a bunch of us saw it.

wink gal

I agree with you. I think, at some point, the people ACTUALLY involved with making the movie at an artistic level need to become more involved with the marketing plan. Unfortunately, hollywood execs don't trust the artists with business (perhaps justifiably) and leave the marketing to consultants and firms...

google boy

Totally agree with what you said underdog.

My buddy and I thought we'd be seeing a comedy/stoner movie, but it turned out to be much better then that.

"I think Adventureland is a film that in 10 years, I think people will really appreciate."

Ha, kinda like Freeks & Geeks.

Johnny Hugel

I knew that it wasn't going to be as zany as the the marketing made it seem, but was still surprised by how laid-back the tone of the film was. The interview with Greg Mottola in the AV Club is a great read for anyone interested in how this movie was made.

I want to see it again, as I think it's something that will grow on you as you begin to appreciate the intricacies of the direction and dialogue. To that end, I think Martin Starr is right on point.

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