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March 22, 2010


James van Maanen

Nice review, Craig. I found the film a good one, too, though less so in its second half. But god, that set-up!


You're a "writer" and you use a nonsense phrase such as "centers around." Something centers "on" not "around."
It can't "center around."

Craig P

Judy, thanks for the catch. As soon as I can hire a copy editor for my blog, I'm sure these posts will be more error-free. If you're a "writer" too you'd know that all writers generally like to have something called an "editor" to help them proof-read their work. When I write for Variety, I have that luxury. Here, I do not. Take care and thanks for fighting the good fight.


Good one Craig. I really enjoyed your review.
Not to worry about people like Judy. Some people talk just to hear their own voice. Some people type just to have something to do.


Che dona...

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