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October 13, 2005


greg samsa

In Catch Me If You Can, in the scene where Tom Hanks character is shown in the office on Christmas Eve and Frank calls him on the phone, Tom is eating some kind of lo mein from a chinese takeaway container. It bothered me because the noodles look like, and probably are, the thin white curly kind found in freeze dried ramaen packages.

Craig P

Ah, good call Greg... I'm remembering that one, recall my reaction to that moment as wondering whether people way back then actually ate chinese food from a take out box... it struck me as rather contemporary looking. And the food didn't look very appetizing, or real, you're right.


Vail Beach

Every movie involving attorneys has at least one Chinese food scene, if the attorneys are heroes. It's meant to show they're working hard, and that even though they're attorneys, they're in touch with the grassroots. However, the evil attorneys never eat Chinese food. They always dine in stuffy clubs.

Craig P

That's really true. Both film and TV shows depicting lawyers dip into the chinese take out cliche. Heck, it seems as if any film in which somoene is working late will go there. Just once I'd like to see someone subvert this cliche, you know, a bunch of lawyers working late on a case, eating Amy's microwavable entrees or cereal out of the box, something!


I also noticed the chinese take out scenes, that's why I am doing a research about those scenes in American movies. Does anyone know specific titles of movies?

Michael Reichman

Mammoth "Working-Late and Eating Chinese Takeout from Containers" scene in the film: "My Favorite Year"

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