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July 01, 2007



re: point #1 - It's a good point, except Bret is A FLIPPIN' HOTTIE :D

I love this new phenomenon of normal-ish (but indie/geekboy hot) looking guys dominating the small screen. I swoon weekly over Bret, Jim (The Office), and Charlie (Always Sunny). There's gotta be more but who's got the time to watch that much TV, eh?

As far as the realness of the characters go, my favorite has got to be Mel. Everyone knows a girl like this and she plays it hilariously/freakishly on-point. Her overtly sexual comments like "I had a dream like this once" when she's sandwiched between the boys in a cramped car are classic.


sweet link to Mel's vlog! just noticed that.


OMG! I LURVE'em, they are just too cool for words! I love Bret! When is series 2 realeased in the uk, though?

Rhys Darby Tickets

Yes they are cool! I just bought Rhys Darby Tickets for his Australian tour, cant wait to see him, hes the bomb.

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