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October 17, 2007


Hallux Valgus

I guess I don't understand why this is referred to as "Independent screenplays."

Were these really considered "independent" when they were written? Or did they honestly want to make these films commercial? Indie movies, at this point, thoroughly reminds me of indie music, which means it's more of an aesthetic than an actual style. Especially considering that most major studios have a boutique studio (Warner Independent, Fine Line, Searchlight, Fox Atomic).

Along these lines: I just saw Wristcutters: A Love Story yesterday. It was really good. Synopsis:
People who commit suicide wake up in an afterlife that is just like normal life, only a little bit worse. A guy finds out that his one true love commits suicide shortly after he did, and he sets out in search of her.

It was a really compelling story, but it lost a lot in dialogue and characterization. Still- I always was wondering what came next. It was the exact opposite movie of American Gangster (a very boring-slash- obvious story that was highly stylized/ well acted/looked good.

It was great that I saw these movies back to back. I also saw Juno yesterday- friggin hilarious. The first ten minutes were annoying, because the dialogue was nothing but catch phrases, but after that- it locked down and was a great flick. It had a very "Rushmore" feel to it, but funnier. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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